Gossip Girl is Back

Gossip Girl is back. No, it’s not Dan Humphrey at again with his shady shenanigans. But, this time the anonymous blogger comes in the form of an instagram account. How Gen Z of her. The cast of young characters still attend Constance/St. Judes and like the original they are incestuous group who frown upon outsiders, well at least some of them are. Amongst this group of characters you have half-sisters Zoya and Julien, Julien’s boyfriend Obie, Max and Aki Mendez who round out your nice characters. The rest seem to have stolen from Blair Waldorf’s book of mean which is not necessarily the best thing. The stand out in this last group is Monet de Haan who serves as Julien’s very own press agent and doesn’t take well to being lied to by her friend, so she seeks to destroy her half sister Zoya. The bullied amongst this class is not the students but rather the teachers. While some may frown on the idea of Gossip Girl being a group. of disgruntled teachers, I found it to be a refreshing twist. As a former school teacher myself, I’ve wanted to lash out at many a student and administrator. This time we know who GG is and why they are doing it and unlike last time they aren’t doing it for a lofty reason like love, but rather to gain some sort of power over the kids who torture them. It’s a lot more insidious and sinister than Dan Humphrey posting tips sent in by his peers so he could give his Girl Friday Serena a platform to shine. This Gossip Girl is very much what Dan Humphrey haters claimed the original was. While he relied on tips from peers, this group of disgruntled educators are actually going out and acting like they are the Papparazzi.

The best parts of the show is the relationship with the sisters. Instead of best-friends fighting over who stole each others boyfriend and who can shine in the limelight or deserves to, this is about the rocky relationship of two sisters who just really want to have a relationship. But, that won’t be so easy with the evil step sisters (Luna and Monet) ready to bring them down for daring to break the social mores of the UES and Constance. The original could have benefited from making Serena and Blair sisters as it would be easier to understand why they insisted in staying in each others lives. Julien is an influencer and cares way more about image, but deep down she is a sweet girl who is a lot more like naive Serena Van Der Woodsen than the antagonist Blair. But, it’s the entitlement of Audrey Hope that makes Blair look like she has a soul. The girl is treating her boyfriend (who hasn’t seem to have done anything to her) horribly, talks down to anyone not at her station in life or in her friend group and the petty one liners lack charm.

Monet has the most potential of the bitchy trio as the actress is strong and definitely deserves better material. She is less a minion and more a PR guru but the way she treats people def makes you want her to take a xanax real quick. But, she remains the most entertaining of the bitchy group as her motivation seems to come less from being mean for means sake and more from a sense of betrayal for being lied to. Hopefully, they continue to flesh out her characters as it would be a shame for her to be sidelined and written poorly much like Jessica Szor was in the original.

Max Wolf has a lot of the confidence and none of the rapey tendencies of Chuck Bass. He knows what he like and how he likes and isn’t afraid to ask. He seems to have proclivity for drug use so it will be interesting to see what lies beyond the mask. He is refreshing as in he has all of the pomp and circumstance that made Chuck entertaining and none of the gross abusive tendencies.

Zoya Lott, Julien’s half sister is if you took all the Brooklyn kids and merged them into one box of cute, curly haired wonder. She is likeable and it will be interesting to see how the rivarly with her half-sister plays out, but so far she seems to embody the most likeable parts of Dan, Vanessa, and Jenny with a side of post-return Serena. I’m rooting for the sisters to work it out, but with that insta account threatning to tear them apart, it will be interesting to see how the drama shakes out.

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